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Assam Travel Information

Assam is one of the most ecologically diverse and culturally endowed states in the North Eastern part of India. The state is surrounded by other North Eastern States such as Arunachal Pradesh in the North; Nagaland and Manipur in the East; Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya in the South and West Bengal in the West. Assam also shares its international border with Bhutan in the North and Bangladesh in the South.

The state has a total area of more than 78,000 square kilometer and has a total population of more than 31 million.

The state is endowed with forests and wildlife and has the largest population of one horned Rhino in the world. Other wildlife in the state include Elephants, Tigers, Gaur, a variety of Deer, birds and reptiles.

The most important tourist destinations of Assam include Guwahati, the capital city and Kaziranga National Park, home of the one horned rhino. Majuli, the largest riverine island in the world, comes a close third. Apart from these a large number of tourist destinations including the forests and national parks of Assam.

The state is also famous for its cultural diversity. Bihu is one of the most popular dance forms of the state, Anika Naat is a popular form of traditional Vaishnava dance drama. Assam is home to a large number of different tribes and ethnic people who have their own form of art.

Content about Assam is written by Ms. Naveli Singh 

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