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Clouded Hills of Mawsynrum

Clouded Hills of Mawsynrum

Eco-Park near Seven Sister Falls

Eco-Park near Seven Sister Falls

Barapani Lake

Barapani Lake

Cloud and the hills

Cloud and the hills

The Jaintia Hills brags of intense natural beauty. With an area of about 1693 sqkm, the Jaintia Hills is a district of the north-eastern state Meghalaya, though it is divided into East Jaintia Hills and West Jaintia Hills. Especially inhabited by the ‘Jaintia’ tribe, the Jaintia Hills is a surprise box for the tourists, as it has much in its store to leave the visitors with awe.

To Reach

The Jaintia hill is 92kms from the capital town of Meghalaya, Shillong and is just 32kms from Jowai. State buses and few privately owned buses along with cars and sumos are available to reach the Jaintia Hills.
The nearest airport is the Guwahati Airport and it takes about 3 hours to reach the Jaintia Hills, from the airport.

To See


Tyrchi falls

Just at a distance of 4kms from Jowai, in the Jaintia Hills, one has to trek through the restrained path, to visit the Tyrchi falls.


The historical stone bridge built under the order of the Jaintia king, over the Muwi River stream, by the warriors of the Jaintia Hills, alongside the streams of Thlumuwi and just beside the Muwi Falls, is just 16kms from Jowai. The pouring Muwi waterfall overlooking the stone bridge and running along the Thlumuwi stream, presents a beautiful scenario to the visitors.

Jarain Pitcher Plant

The Lake is at a distance of 19kms from Jowai, and is situated in a village called, the Jarain Village, of Amlarem. The lake is based on the theme of a pitcher plant that is typical of this place, covering an area of about 50,000 sq mtrs. The lake is surrounded by a beautiful setting of the green and paved paths. Paddle boating facilities are available for the entertainment of the visitors.


At a distance of 50kms from Jowai, the Syndai village is famous for its caves system and the Rupasar Bathing Ghat, where it is supposed that the Jaintia Princesses used to take bath and swim.

Umlawan Cave

The Umlawan Cave has been established as the only deepest and longest cave of the Indian sub continent, situated in the Lumshnong village, at a distance of 61kms from Jowai.. It is more than 21kms in length and 100 mtrs in depth.

Borghat Temple

One of the oldest Hindu temples of the Jaintia Hills, the Borghat temple is, however, damaged due to the 1897 earthquake, but is still regarded as a pious place by the natives.

Map of Jaintia Hills

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