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If not anything else Jatinga bird observatory is to bring most ornithologists and nature lovers to Haflong because a mysterious thing happens here. Jatinga is a small village on the top of a ridge about 9 kilometers from Haflong town in Dima Hasao Districts of Assam. It is known for its mysterious phenomena of bird suicide. Every year in the late monsoon months between September to November between 7 pm to 10 pm people see mass suicides of local and migratory birds in this area. The birds are attracted to village light on a well-defined strip of Jatinga and fly with full speed towards the buildings and trees meeting their death. This happens when there is fog, cloud or mist and in the late monsoons. The villagers have been witness of this phenomenon for a couple of years and believe that it is the doing of evil spirits. However, scientists believe that flood conditions and destruction of water habitat is responsible for mass suicide of regional birds. 44 species of birds are susceptible to this phenomenon including Kingfishers, Pond Heron, Black Bitten, Tiger Bitten, etc. They have also observed that long distance birds are not affected by this phenomenon. Mass bird suicides are not unique to this place. Indian state of Mizoram, and Philippines and Malaysia also witness such events. 

It has a bird observatory centre with accommodations.

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