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80 kms drive from Siliguri through the rolling hill slopes and green belt of Dooars plains will take you to Samsing. A nice cool shady place at an altitude of 600 meter, Samsing is a newer addition in the North Bengal tourist map popular for its tranquil landscape and unpolluted surrounding. The horizon extended tea gardens, undulating hill slopes, meandering streams, rural life of simple village people attracts a large number of tourists from different parts of the country. Samsing is an ideal place for those, who are looking for a break from routine city life to enjoy a relaxed vacation in the natural environment.

Samsing is also known for its traditional orange orchards and cardamom plantation, which have been a major occupation of a large number of villagers.

Latitude – 27.01 deg
Longitude – 88.80 deg
Altitude – 2000 ft (approximate)


Apart from forest guest houses, a large number of homestays have come up in the area where basic accommodation is provided at a lower cost. Tourists may contact our helpdesk for booking these homestay.

Day Visit from Gorumara

Most tourists visit Samsing as part of a day tour from the nearby Gorumara National Park area. From Gorumara Samsing is about 20 to 30 kms away depending on which part of Gorumara you are in. The travel time is roughly about an hour or so.

After Safari in the forest, this is the most popular activity for tourists here. If you have an entire day to road around, you can also visit Jhalong – Bindu area along with Samsing in the same day.

One of the major attractions to visitor here is the beautiful landscape. The journey through meandering tea gardens from Chalsa to Samsing (15 kms) is reason enough to visit the area.


Samsing village receives a lot of rainfall, which helps villagers in producing good crop all year round. Annual rainfall is around 2200 mm.

The weather is quite pleasant for most of the year. Summer temperature rarely crosses 30 degree Centigrade. Winter temperature rarely goes below 10 degree.

As Sumsing is situated on the slope where Dooars plains meet Himalayan forests of Neora Valley, the village is located at varying altitude. The Southern fringe of Samsing Tea Garden has an altitude of about 1000 ft and is relatively warm. The Northern part of Suntaleykhola, Rocky Island and Mouchaki beat are at higher altitude of 2000 and 3000 ft and offer relatively cooler weather.

Due to mild plesant weather, Samsing can be visited throughout the year without any constrain.


Samsing is a great place for treks. Most thrilling trek is in the Neora Valley National Park that starts from Mouchuki and ends at Rechela - highest point of the Park. This is one of the most adventurous treks in North Bengal and takes at least 3 days to Rechela via Bhotegarh and Thusum through the dense forest and another 3 days to Lava via Aluabari.

This is not a common trek route and requires special permission of forest department as you will be passing through the core area of Neora Valley National Park. naturebeyond has expertise in organising this trek in the past.


The Rocky island is an ideal camping ground for school groups as well as for the grownups, there is enough scope for soft adventure camps as well as corporate camps to be organised here. naturebeyond has unmatched expertise in this direction as well.


The area around Neora Valley National park is famous as a birding paradise. The area especially the higher areas of Samsing such as Suntaleykhola, Rocky Island, Faribasti and the Mouchaki beat area are the best places for watching birds. Some of the bird varieties that are commonly seen here include

Hill Myna, Indian Peafowl, Redstarts, Racket tailed drongo, Scarlet minivet, Spangled drongo, Treepie, Blue whistling thrush, Siberian stonechat, Pied bushchat, Grey bushchat, White wagtail, Yellow wagtail, Crested serpent eagle, Rose ringed parakeet, Red breasted parakeet, Green imperian piegon, Yellow footed green piegon, Little pied flycatcher, Red throated flycatcher, Brown shrike, Common hoppoe, Indian roller, falconet, Eurasian collared dove, lapwing, Emerald dove, Grey headed canary flycatcher, Alexandrine Parakeet, Eurasian wryneck, Blue throated barbet and many others.

Map of Samsing

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