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Trek to Sandakphu

Trek to Sandakphu

Takdah is a small town in the Darjeeling hills surrounded by tea garden and cinchona plantation. The small town was a British army cantonment about a century back. There was also major Cinchona plantation in the surrounding area. After Independence of India, as the British left, Takdah lost its significance substantially. In the recent past, it has started gaining importance due to increased tourist movement in the area. A number of tourist destinations in the surrounding area including Baramangwa, Chotamangwa, Tinchuley have come up.

The British planters had built several bungalows for their accommodation at Takdah, Most of them are more than a century old now. The Bungalows now are occupied mostly by the locals or are in abandoned state, but still exudes much of the charm of a bygone era. One such Bungalow worth a visit is the Sonpur House build by the king of Sonpur in 1911. The Takdah club, that used to be frequented by the British, can also be seen in the nearby area. The Old Takdah is located about a kilometre East of the current Takdah market.

The Rangli Rangliot Tea garden is also another attraction of the area. The Tea garden is one of the largest and most beautiful in the Darjeeling hills. The Tea garden is just a kilometre down from the Takdah club.

Latitude - 27.03 N
Longitude – 88.36 E
Elevation – 5000 ft

Getting There

Takdah is located in the hills between Darjeeling and Kalimpong town. You can access Takdah either from the Darjeeling or Kalimpong side. From Darjeeling you have to travel through Peshok road via Ghum. About 10kms into the road you will reach 6th mile, a small village on the road side. From 6th mile take a right turn and drive another 7 to 8 kilometres to reach Takdah.

If you are coming from Kalimpong, you may take Peshok road from the opposite direction and take a left turn once you reach 6th mile. There is an alternate road from Tista Bazar which travels through Baramangwa, Chotamangwa and Tinchuley before reaching Takdah. This road is quite steep and the present condition must be known before travelling on this route.

People travelling from Dooars or Siliguri may take a 3rd route to reach Takdah. You have to follow Sikkim Bengal national highway till you reach Rambhi Bazar. From here a small road leads you to Takdah through Teesta Valley and Rangli Tea gardens.

Places Around

From Darjeeling – 30 Kms
From Kalimpong – 38 Kms
From Siliguri – 85 Kms
From Tinchuley – 10 Kms

Map of Takdah

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