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Trekking EquipmentWhat to carry - The Trekking Equipment Issues

While on a trek, you probably wouldn’t expect the same level of comfort as you would at your home. This is part of the adventure that attracts people to trekking. But there are certain minimum requisite that you need to have while on a trek. The trekker should be equipped with some essential elements. Most of the necessities are supplied by naturebeyond during the trek programs. However you need to ensure that your personal belongings are up to the mark.

High quality trekking gear is difficult to get in India. So if you are coming from abroad, don’t depend to much on local purchase. A list of the essential equipment are given below, cross check this list with what you are packing. Ensure that you have all the essentials without having to carry a pretty heavy load on your shoulders. If you intend to go for climbing you must have supplementary gear. naturebeyond does have a variety of climbing gear available for its guests. Talk to naturebeyond representative and ensure that you have all the gear ready for your program.

Tents during trekYour main bag will be carried by the pony or the yak or the porter during the trek. So you will not have access to your main bag during the day. Make sure that you have all the necessities for the day packed separately in a small backpack which you will carry. Your day pack should be large enough to accommodate your water bottle, Personal first aid kit, sun cream, sweater or down jacket, rain parka and lunch box. Your main bag should not weigh more than 30 lb. (20 kg). If you have heavy equipment such as special cameras or scientific equipment, additional ponies or porters will have to be hired and you will be charged for this extra service.

Your Personal Kit doesn’t have to be very expensive. In fact, for most of our treks you only need the sort of gear you would use for walking and camping in any other part of the world. For high altitude treks and trekking peaks, you will need a good sleeping bag, a down jacket and some other essentials. You may hire some of these from naturebeyond, but for hygiene, we suggest you bringing your own personal kit.

Trekking equipment carried by yaksFootwear: Well broken-in walking shoes - these must be suitable for snow, thick socks, light socks, camp shoes.
Clothing: Down or fiber filled waterproof jacket and trousers, sweater or fleece jacket, underwear, warm and cotton trousers or jeans, shirts and T-shirts, shorts, long underwear, wool hat, sun hat, gloves, track suit.
Other equipment: Sleeping bag (4 seasons), trekking hold all or stash sack, day pack, water bottle, sun cream, sunglasses, flashlight with spare bulbs and batteries, lip salve, gaiters, crampons.
Other items: Insect repellent, toilet articles, diary, toilet roll, laundry soap, wet ones, pocket knife, tie cord, towel, sewing kit, plasters, binoculars, camera, film, cards and personal medical kit.

Trekking Equipments List
trekking boots - well broken in and waterproofed
running or tennis shoes
down jacket or equivalent with hood
one heavy wool shirt or sweater
two cotton shirts
one pair cotton trousers or shorts
one pair woolen trousers
one pair shorts or calf-length skirt for women
three pairs of regular underwear
long underwear - thermal or wool
wind- and rain-gear with hood
sun hat with brim
woolen hat or balaclava
woolen mittens or gloves
woolen socks to wear with boots
cotton socks
personal first-aid kit including medication for common ailments
flashlight with extra batteries
sunglasses or snow goggles (an extra pair is recommended)
water bottle, preferably wide mouthed, with at least one liter capacity
pocket knife
note book with pens and pencils
plastic bags - small size for books, film etc., larger bags for clothes, sleeping bags

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