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Clouded Hills of Mawsynrum

Clouded Hills of Mawsynrum

Eco-Park near Seven Sister Falls

Eco-Park near Seven Sister Falls

Barapani Lake

Barapani Lake

Cloud and the hills

Cloud and the hills


Williamnagar is the head quarter of the East Garo Hills district of the north eastern state, Meghalaya. The place was named as ‘Williamnagar’ when it was christened after Captain Williamson A.Sangma, the founding Chief Minister of Meghalaya. Williamnagar can be visited year round.

To Reach

Shillong is just 312kms from Williamnagar and buses and cars are available with ease from Shillong to reach the town of Williamnagar.

To See

Williamnagar is itself a place of historical importance as the natives of the place, the people of Garo tribes for the one last time revolted against the British rule of colonialism in the year of 1837, under the leadership of the Garo leader Pa Togan Nengminja Sangma, who was felled by the Britishers on 12th December, 1837.
Williamnagar is equally visited for its luscious scenic beauty of the splendid rivers and the sky touching mountains. Some popular local points include:

Pa Togan N Sangma Memorial Park, Chisobibra

Simsang River

Also known as the Someshwari River, it bifurcates the Garo Hills. In its way through Williamnagar, it designs many beautiful waterfalls. The bank of the Simsang River is quite a favoured spot for picnic lovers.


Mrik Wari

Apart from the beautiful Simsang River, one can witness many rock formations along the banks of Simsang River, some of the structure resembles an elephant along with its babies. The local myth follows that once a group of elephants drank the water of the Simsang River and they were solidified into rocky structures. There are several other rock formations resembling other beings too.


Jadi Dare Park

Chibok Dare

Map of Williamnagar

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