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The village of Zuluk itself is an attraction with its mixed population of Nepali, Sikkimese and Tibetan people. There is substantial army presence in the town and you should be careful about photographing army installations.

Most tourists who stay at Zuluk for two nights spend a day driving through some of the higher altitude destinations as described below.

Thambi View Point – From Zuluk a steep ascent will take you to Thambi View point at an altitude of about 11,900 feet. Within a drive of 16 kms from Zuluk you will climb close to 3000 feet. The steep climbing road here is commonly referred to as the zig-zag road. The Thimbi view point is named after an army officer who lost his life in a road accident here. From the view point Zuluk area is clearly visible. On a clear day you can see far and wide including snow capped mountains.

Nathang Valley – Originally spelt Gnathang, the name of the valley has adapted a more phonetic version of its name. The 3700 meter (12100 feet), the valley is one of the prime attraction of this circuit. It is about 8 kms further from Thambi point and the road relatively less steep in this stretch. The valley and its surrounding area remains snow covered during most of the year.

Tukla – This is the site of a famous war between British India and Tibetan army. The British forces under the leadership of British army officer Francis Younghusband won the war of Tukla in 1903. As a result they invaded Tibet through Jelep la. Tukla is just 2 kms before Nathang Valley.

Old Baba Mandir – About 3 kms further from Nathang Valley you will reach the Baba Mandir. This is the original Temple of Baba Harbhajan Singh and his bunker is also located here. The more popular Baba Mandir which is visited by most tourists is a newer construction. Fewer tourists visit the original temple, but you will find helpful armed personnel offering you tea and water at this temple.

Hatisurey  Lake – 2 kms further, you will reach the viewpoint of Hatisurey lake. The lake is shaped like an elephant hence the origin of the name.

Kupup – 2 kms further from the viewpoint, you have reached Kupup. At an altitude of about 13,000 feet, Kupup is one of the highest points of this tour and has a number of attractions to offer. From Zuluk you have already travelled a total distance of 33 kms. The Kupup golf course of Indian army is considered the highest golf course in the world. Next to the golf course you will find a small road heading towards North West. This is known as the Younghusband track that leads to Tibet through Jelepla. Tourists are not allowed to travel through this road.

You can travel further to Memnchu Lake and Baba Mandir on the same road or return from Kupup back to Zuluk.

There are three different approaches to Zuluk. One road is from Gangtok via Changu lake and Memenchu. A permit to travel through this route is difficult to arrange for most tourists. The second route is through the Kalimpong hills. This route passes from Kalimpong to Pedong then to Reshi. From here you can travel via Aritar or take a direct route to Ranglee / Rongli. From Rongli steep uphill road will take you to Zuluk.

The third route is the most popular and shortest route. If you are coming from Bengal side, just cross Sikkim-Bengal boarder at Rongpo and take a right turn. This road follows the Rongpo river and will take you to Rorathang and then to Rongli. Tourists coming from Gangtok may directly reach Rorathang through Pakyong and Lingtam.

Both the Kalimpong and Rongpo routes pass through Rongli. This is a small town besides Rongpo river and the last market before you reach Zuluk. Being on the river valley, Rongli is lower in altitude and not very cold. From here the road moves steep upward through Lingtam and Padamchen before reaching your destination about 28 kms away. Padamchen is the last village on the route 10 kms before Zuluk and also has some tourist accommodations.

Distance to Zuluk

From Siliguri – 175 kms via Kalimpong and 160 via Rongpo
From Kalimpong – 95 Kms
From Gangtok – 100 Kms

Map of Zuluk

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