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Aritar in East Sikkim, Travel Information

Aritar is a small village with a lake in East Sikkim. The lake is known as Lampokhri by the Nepalese speaking people and Ghati-Tso in the Tibetan language. 

Aritar is often used by tourists as an overnight destination on their way to Zuluk area. A tour to the area can also be combined with visit to lesser known destinations of Kalimpong hill such as Pedong, Reshi, Lava, Loleygaon and Rishyop.

Getting There

You may reach here through the Sikkim border town of Rangpo or through Reshi. If you are coming from another destination in Sikkim, you would prefer the Rongpo route. The road travels via Rorathang and the distance from Rangpo to Aritar is about 25 kms. Alternatively people travelling via Kalimpong or Lava-Loleygaon area may reach here via Pedong and Rishi. From Kalimpong it is about 50 kms away.

From Gangtok there is another route to Aritar through Pakyong and Rorathang. Through this route the distance is about 65 kms (3 hours)

To See

Lampokhri - The lake located on top of the hill is the main attraction for tourists visiting Aritar. The natural lake has been extended with artificial construction and boating in the lake is organised for tourists. The lake is located at an altitude of about 5,000 feet.

The Silk Route – Aritar is on the Silk route connecting Kalimpong with Lhasa through the Indo-Tibet boarder pass of Jelepla. Till the Chinese invasion of Tibet, the route was commonly used by traders from both the countries for several centuries. The remnants of the old road are still visible at certain stretches and are still in use by the locals. The entire route from Kalimpong – Pedong – Reshi – Aritar – Rongli – Padamchen – Zuluk – Gnathang Valley – Memenchu lake is full of remnants of the old road which was used by the Tibetan, Indian, Sikkemese and the British over several centuries. Walking on this road is like walking on a historical path.

Aritar Dak Bungalow – This is an old British bungalow located close to the main market opposite the Aritar Secondary School. The bungalow is commonly referred to as Ari-bungalow and was build in 1895 by the British as the first British establishment in Sikkim. The bungalow has been renovated and is under the Sikkim PWD. It is occasionally given on booking to tourists as well.

Aritar Monastery – The Monastery or Gompa is located just few hundread meters behind the lake on the other side of the hill. However it can be reached from the Aritar market and Helipad. Being on the other side of the hill, the Monastery does not offer view of the Village or the market. It offers panoramic view of the hills on the Bengal side such as Pedong, Rishyop and Lava area. The monastery is also considered to be one of the oldest in Sikkim.

Kali Khola Falls – This is one of the most beautiful and least visited waterfalls of East Sikkim. The waterfall is about

Places Around

Rhenok – 10 kms
Rongli Market - 15 kms
Zuluk - 35 kms
Pedong - 35 kms
Reshi - 15 kms
Rongpo - 30 Kms
Gangtok - 65 Kms (3 hours)
Kalimpong - 70 kms (2.5 hours)
Darjeeling - 110 kms (4 hours)
Bagdogra and NJP - 135 kms (4.5 hours)

Map of Aritar

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