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Bongaigaon comes under the sequence of five biggest cities of Assam. Naturally, it is less populated and closer to its natural form. It still carries its natural exuberance which the gaining industrial and commercial activity could not grab from it. In simple words, Bongaigaon is a destination which could show you the real beauty and wilderness of Assam without compromising the comforts of modern hospitality. Mighty Brahmaputra is just 40 kilometers south of Bongaigaon agglomeration. It flows at its own childlike speed without being suppressed by man-made barrages and dam. Visiting the widest river of India in its natural pomp is an experience in itself.

Apart from this, there are many scenic sites in Bongaigaon which will continue your quest of exploring the Assamese past and natural beauty. Some of the major tourist sites of Bongaigaon are Jogighopa and Panchratna, Bageswari Hill and Temple, Lalmati-Duramari Ganesh Temple, Kachugaon Game Reserve, Kakaijana Reserved Forest and Manas National Park. Don’t be surprised at the sudden discovery of natural lakes on your way to the sites. Some of the natural lakes found around Bongaigaon are Dolani Beel, Koyakujia Beel and Tamranga Lake. Bongaigaon is also a gateway to Manas National Park.

Best time to Visit Bongaigaon

Bongaigaon can be visited throughout the year. March to May is moderately hot and December to February is cool. Bongaigaon experiences pleasant weather from October to November.

How to Reach


There are two railway stations in Bongaigaon receiving regular passenger trains from different parts of India. The two stations of Bongaigaon are-New Bongaigaon station and Old Bongaigaon railway station.


Nearest airport to Bongaigaon is Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati.

Jogighopa and Panchratna

Jogighopa and Panchratna are located in northern and southern banks of Brahmaputra River respectively. They are prominent tourist sites inhabiting cubicles carved down by the monks for meditation in medieval period. Ungerground caves carved down at the banks of Brahmaputra are an amazing sight for onlookers. The site sees thousands of visitors every year especially during Ashok-Astomi.

Bageswari Hill and Temple

Bageswari Temple is located on a hill with the same name. It is not more than a kilometer from Bongaigaon town. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and can be found inside a stone cave. The place gives a panoramic view of town and tea garden from viewpoint. Eco-tourism projects are underway for beautification and enhancement of the potential sites in Bageswari Hill.

Lalmati-Duramari Ganesh Temple

Lalmati-Duramari Ganesh Temple is one of the oldest temples of Assam, dating back to 8th and 10th Century. It is located near the town Abhayapuri, which is another good place for silent tourism. The Lungai Pahar Shiva Temple upholding the stone carvings of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Kali is also not far from this place.

Rock-Cut Caves

Rock-cut caves are conglomeration of the remaining five rock-cut caves in Jogighopa near the northern banks of Brahmaputra River. The caves are believed to be snippets of Salasthambha period exhibiting unique example of architectural style of ancient Assam. The best of the five cave is 2.60 meters in breadth,1 .8 meter in depth and 1.90 meter in height with a round ceiling and a 75 cm long by 35 cm broad verandah. The cave is accompanied by steps on the either side.

Kachugaon Game Reserve

Kachugaon Game Reserve is a protected wildlife reserve in Kachgaon, which is 48 kilometers from Bongaigaon. It covers a total area of 214 sq kilometers incorporating some rare and vulnerable species like gaur, golden langur, spotted deer and elephant.

Kakaijana Reserved Forest

Kakoijana Reserve Forest is a unique wildlife sanctuary about 15 kilometers east of Bongaigaon town. It is well known for its surprising collection of wild species and natural herb. Among the wild species include golden langur, flying squirrel, monitor lizard, pangolin, jungle fowl, binturong, leopard, porcupine, mongoose and civets.Kalikapat spring is another important attraction of Bongaigaon.

Map of Bongaigaon

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