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Chungthang is a small town on the confluence of the two rivers of North Sikkim Lachen Chu and Lachung Chu (Chu stands for river). The Lachen stream from west and Lachung stream from east meets here to form Tista which is the most important river in Sikkim. From Chungthang the road has divided the road to the left takes you to Lachen (29 km) and the road through the right goes to Lachung (23 km).

The valley is believed to have been blessed by Guru Rimpoche. The great Guru is believed to have taken rest at Chungthung on his way to Tibet. The place where he took rest bears his footmark on a stone. Also locals believe that Guru Rimpoche had some rice meal at the spot and he had spread some of the rice on a nearby land. The land still grows rice, a rarity at this altitude.

Chungthang is rich in bio diversity with a large variety of orchids, plants and wildlife. The place is 95 kilometers from Gangtok, 23 kilometers from Lachung, 29 kilometers from Lachen and is predominantly a Lepcha region.

Chungthung has an altitude of just 5,900 ft. As you leave Chungthung either for Lachen or Lachung, you fast gain altitude as you travel through some very beautiful hilly terrain.

You can not avoid Chungthang if you are travelling to North Sikkim. There is a checkpost a few kms before Chungthang at a place called Tong or Toong. All tourists visiting North Sikkim has to register at this check post. The short distance between Tong and Chungthang is landslide prone. In case the main road is closed, there is an alternative road connecting these two places. After you cross Tista at Tong bridge, you have to take a diversion and ride uphill for the alternative road.

Map of Chungthang

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