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Tawang Monastery

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Monpa Lady of Arunachal

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Madhuri Lake

Daporijo is a town close to nature in the peaceful state of Arunachal Pradesh. Situated in the lap of wild and rocky forests of Eastern Himalayas, Daporijo is exactly what an Arunachal Pradesh village would be visualized by prospective traveler. However, it is not just a village but a big town and headquarters of Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. Daporijo town is nestled on a sandy plateau between the mighty hills of Eastern Himalayas and along the banks of a beautiful river Subansiri (after which the name of the district is based). It is calculated to be 600 meters above the sea level and attains a picturesque image by the dramatic turns of Subansiri River. The surrounding is drenched in natural beauty! Daporijo throngs in ethnic tribes like Galo, Tagin, Hillmiri and Nah. These communities retain their rich culture and art. Suspension bridge over Subansiri River is the result of their extended efforts beyond arts and artifacts. However, these artifacts are a driving factor for tourists to this place. They consist of beautiful wall paintings, traditional garments, bamboo handicrafts, souvenier’s and other indigenous products.

The town is a popular pilgrimage destination as it has some well known temples especially the Meghna Cave Temple. Good Shepherd Church is also visited in large numbers. Sigem-Daporijo Reserve forest and Kamala Reserve forest exemplify the natural beauty of the area. As for the one looking for some excitement, there are a whole lot of adventure activities like rafting, angling, and trekking.

An uphill trek or drive to Ziro, 160 kilometers from Daporijo, offers the most fascinating panoramic view of adjoining hills.

Getting There

The nearest airport is the Lilabari Airport about 260 kilometers and 5 hours drive from Daporijo.

The nearest railway station is Silapathar Station (Dhemaji district, Assam) about 206 kilometers and 4 hours drive from Daporijo. 

Meghna Cave Temple

Caves have always been a place of special interest to religious people, scientists, adventure seekers and researchers. Natural caves also come under the spection of geologists. However, Meghna Cave Temple has an additional spectrum. The antiquity of the cave temple brings it to the notice of historians and archaeologists. It is believed to have been carved out some 5000 years back only to be rediscovered in 1962. The temple is dedicated to 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva, Lord Lakulisa. It can be reached only through a set of steps. After climbing the stairs, one can have a spell bounding view of neighboring mountains and vegetation. This Shiva temple is located at an altitude of 300 feet above the ground. It sees large crowd of devotees during the occasion of Shivratri and Makar Sankranti. Meanwhile, worshippers keep thronging this place in every season. What is more interesting is Sanskrit inscriptions carved out on the walls of the temple. The enigmatic position of the temple atop a hill further enhances the mystery surrounding this exquisite Cave Temple .The element of surprise increases the deeper one gets inside. 

Subansiri River

This 442 km long river is considered to be the largest tributary of River Brahmaputra having a drainage basin of about 32,640 sq km. It originates from Tibet and then passes in streams through the Eastern Himalaya mountains while entering Arunachal Pradesh. The prominent bamboo-cane suspension bridge over it draws the attention of the visitors as it highlights the excellent craft of the tribal communities that is still intact in its tradition. Apart from this, the river has a lot to offer in the adventure category with some thrilling rafting and angling experiences. 


Taliha, Siyum, and Nacho are the three small scenic places along the sides of the Subansiri River that are remarkable in their own way.  Road drive from Daporijo specifically to Nacho is sure to leave one spellbounded with its breath-taking sights. All activities from adventure to sports is definitely keeping the tourist entertained. Moreover, the practice of subsistence farming and handicrafts production by locals make it even more interesting for the travelers. 

Sigem-Daporijo and Kamala Reserve Forest

Daporijo has vast forest tracts that have been well-preserved. The Sigem-Daporijo Reserve Forest is situated near the Daporijo town. Falling in the high rainfall zone, this is an evergreen forest. 

Kamala Reserve Forest is another well-protected forest near the town. This is again a dense forest.

Both these forest areas are rich in vegetation and has a wide range of flora and fauna. The  favourable climatic conditions make it possible for bamboo, palm, cane vegetations and ground flora. They also have flora comprising Hollock, Jutuli, Amari, Tita Sopa, Urium, Udal, Maj, Nahar, Simul, Siris, Sam, Borpat, Hillika, Makrisal, Khokan etc. 

Fauna consists of a number of wild animals like monkeys, lemurs, dogs, mongoose, hare, squirrels, cats, elephants, goat, deer, rhino etc.

Snakes, fishes, and lizards are the reptiles found here.

The forest is best for bird lovers as one can see a variety of birds such as Owls, Partridges, Peacock Pheasant, Wood peckers, Kingfishers, Parakeets, Great Indian pied hornbill, common and hill mynah, bulbul, sun birds, Ashy Wood Pigeon, Pintailed Green Pigeon, Speckled Wood Pigeon, Night  jar, Water hen, Spotted dove, Emerald dove, Koel, Hawk cuckoo, Brain fever bird, etc.

Map of Daporijo

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