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Dhemaji is a small rural town pushed away to the northeastern part of Dhemaji district. It is also the district headquarter of Dhemaji district. The town is housed by many indigenous tribes such as Mising, Sonowal Kachari, Bodo Kachari, Deori and Lalung.These tribes have the privilege of residing in a pollution-free astounding landscape which is sure to win the heart of village-nature lovers. The ambience is that of beautifully scented air of forests and smoking pipes releasing the fumes of household preparation while you are enjoying the greenery surrounding the place.

Places of Interest


Gerukamukh is 45 kilometers drive from Dhemaji. It is the place where the largest tributary of Brahmaputra Subansiri touches the plains. The tributary passes through a difficult journey of crossing Tibet and then finding its way through Himalayas to enter the plains of Assam. The site is covered with forests on both the sides and has immense potential for angling. Gerukamukh is also a site Subansiri Hydroelectric Power Project.

Ghuguha Dol

Ghuguha Dol is a small temple 17 kilometers southwest of Dhemaji built in the memory of Bamuni Konwar’s mother Ghuguhi.It was constructed when Bamuni, the son of Ahom King Tyao Khamti was born.

Maa Manipuri Than

Maa Manipuri Than is a temple constructed by Ahom King Gourinath Singha to help Manipuries against Mua-Mariah.It is 25 kilometers southwest of Dhemaji.

Malini Than

This holy shrine is dedicated to Goddess Malini. It is 42 kilometers northeast of Dhemaji district. Archeologists have excavated many historical monuments from this place.

Map of Dhemaji

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