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Dibrugarh is a little city thriving on the southern banks of Brahmaputra River in Dibrugarh district of Assam. It is one of the major cities of eastern India with a flourishing tea, oil & natural gas, tourism, fertilizer, cottage and thermal industry. Plenty of tourists are attracted to this place every year because of its alluring tea estates. Dibrugarh tea is world famous for its quality. Hundreds and thousands of tourists tour different tea estates of Assam in circuit (including Dibrugarh, Roing, Mayudia and Anini) to know more about Assam tea. Improved road, rail and air connectivity and interesting tourist spots are another driving factor behind popularity of this destination. Dibrugarh is 439 kilometers east of Guwahati and quite close to the border of Arunachal Pradesh.

Dibrugarh has a pleasant weather throughout the year. Summers are not intense. Winters are cold and it rains heavily during monsoon.

How to Reach


Dibrugarh has an airport named Mohanbari Airport (IATA: DIB, ICAO: VEMN) in Mohanbari which is 15 kilometers north-east of Dibrugarh town.


Dibrugarh made history when the first railway services of Northeast was started here in 1882.It has two railway station named Dibrugarh Town and Dibrugarh which receives trains from important cities of India including Chennai,Bangalore,Delhi and Kolkata.


There are many ferry and luxury cruise service functional from Dibrugarh to Guwahati.They pass through Tezpur and Kaziranga National Park. Brahmaputra River functions as National Waterway 2 from Bangladesh Border to Sadiya.

Koli Aai Thaan

Koli Aai Thaan has a stronghold over the religious belief of people residing in Dibrugarh. It is said that Koli Aai was the daughter of the head priest of Dibru Satra. Since there was a vacuum of male descendants in the Satra, the Satra slowly faded away. Koli Aai’s resolution to keep the values of Satra functional and alive with her ‘Mising’ disciple slowly restored the faith of people in the Satra. It is also believed that Koli Aai was bestowed with divine powers. Koli Aai Thaan has ruled the hearts of Dibrugarh’s believers as a salient religious site. The thaan is devoid of any idol but people visit here on their strong faith of divinity of Koli Aai.

Barbarua Maidam

Barbarua Maidam is the graveyard of two individuals, the authentic identity of whom are yet to be established. The graveyard is located 14 kilometers south of Dibrugarh town near National Highway 37. Historian Sarbananda Rajkumar believes that the graveyards belong to Bura Dihinigia Barbarua and Deka Dihingia Barbarua. The structure and size of the graveyards suggest that they belong to some top-level officials of Ahom Kingdom. One can also find small ‘maidams’ of dead soldiers.

Sarumechlow and Bormechow Maidam

The maidams can be found in Lengeri mouza of Dibrugarh. They belong to the two queens of Sukhampha Khura Raja (1552-1611) named Sarumechlow and Bormechow respectively.

Bahikhowa Maidam

This maidam is devoted to Bahikhowa Dasarath Dowerah Borphukhan who was the Chief of the Army Staff of Ahoms during the reign of Rajeswar Singha.He was buried here in the ‘Khowang Tea Estate’. The tombstone is in disintegrated position however it is accompanied by many other at its side.

Dehing Satra

Dehing Satra was a popular Satra during the reign of Rajeshwar Singha.It received the support of many kings including Rajeshwar Singha,Lakhi Singha and Gaurinath Singha during Moamoria uprising. The Satra is located on the banks of Dehing River in Larua mouza of contemporary Dibrugarh.

Dinjoy Satra

Dinjoy Satra is located in Dinjoy which is 5 kilometers north of Chabua Township. Initially, the Satra was founded Aniruddha Dev in Bisnubalikakunshi village of North Lakhimpur.However, the Satra saw several shift of location as result of continuous phase of rebellions and Burmese invasion. Stability was achieved when Matibor Senapati, the son of Sarbananda Singha of Tinsukia, secured the position of Satra in Dinjoy (after which it was named).  

Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

Dibru-Daikhowa National Park and Biosphere Reserve is the richest National Park of Upper Assam.The Park is completely encircled by Brahmaputra and Lohit rivers in north and Dibru River in south. It is about 100 kilometers from Dibrugarh and 50 kilometers from Tinsukia.A well-preserved park and one of the 14 Biosphere Reserves of India. Dibru-Saikhowa National Park is the home of semi-evergreen forests, mixed deciduous forests, grasslands and wetlands. Most distinguish of which is the germination of Salix swamp forest which is the largest of its kind in northeast India. The park seems to be inhabited with interesting collection of mammals,birds,reptiles,amphibians,fishes,butterflies,insects,trees,shrubs and undershrubs,herbs including aquatic plants,climbers,epiphytes,parasites and orchids. To summarize, it’s heaven for nature and wildlife lovers. There are several private accommodations available outside the park.

Jokai Botanical Garden

Jokai Botanical Garden is a botanical garden cum germplasm in vicinity of Jokai Reserve Forest 12 kilometers from Dibrugarh town.The garden has a valuable collection of regional and endangered floral species. The garden is divided in different zones namely-Orchid House, Medicinal and aromatic plants plot, Rainforest specimens, water ponds and many more. Jokai Forest Reserve is the home of various aboriginal plants and animals, some of which could be categorized as endangered. It has a collection of various flowering plants, butterflies and fruit bearing plants. Most prevalent animals of the jungle are Assamese macaque, leopards, elephants, deer and wild buffalo. One can also find a huge water body adjacent to the forest. It is called by the name of Erashuti and is inhabited by different kinds of turtles, fishes and migratory birds. The park is in the process of developing some adventure activities like trekking in Jokai Forest and boating in Erashuti. Elephant safari is a functional here.

Brahmaputra River Bank

What is better than a refreshing visit to the river beach of Brahmaputra decorated at the northern shores of Dibrugarh city? Lying on the sandy beach of Brahmaputra, while watching the fisherman row the boat leisurely in search of game is a unique experience itself. Small and big mud islands floating on the surface of river as vast as ocean.

Map of Dibrugarh

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