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A small village on the road connecting Dooars with Kalimpong hills, Gorubathan literally means a home for Cows. If you are travelling to Lava / Lolegaon area from Dooars, you have to pass through Gorubathan. The place is famous for its market where people from neighbouring villages and tea gardens gather every Monday. For most locals the name of the place is "Sombarey" as the weekly market is organised on Sombar or Monday.

Gorubathan and its surrounding area offers excellent natural treasure on display. The winding road passes through the left bank of river Chel slowly climbing into the Himalayan hills from the Dooars plains. There are a number of tea gardens on this route including Sylee, Fagu and others.


For most part of the year, Gorubathan offers mild weather. Situated at an altitude of about 1500 feet, it is neither very hot during the summers, nor is it affected by the excess chill of the hills during the winter months. The destination remains accessible throughout the year for tourists. The months of July and August witness maximum rainfall brought in by the Monsoon.


The unique location of Gorubathan makes it an attractive tourist destination. The village is located besides river Chel as the river reaches the plains from the hills. About a km from Gorubathan, Chel meets with two other small streams Fagu khola and Runjun khola and gains strength. On the East of the river is Gorubathan and on the West side is the location of Patharjhora Tea Garden.

If you are travelling through Dooars, you have to take a turn towards the North at Damdim crossing and drive about 14 kms to reach here. A further drive of about 40 kms will take you to a more famous tourist destination of Lava. There is another short route through the forest and through Chilouni Tea Garden that will take you to Meteli at a distance of about 15 kms.

Places Around

Bagdogra (The Airport) – 70 kms
New Jalpaiguri (The rail station) – 65 kms
Siliguri Town – 60 kms
All the above three are in same direction and adjacent places and can be reached in 1.5 hours.

Malbazar (Nearest town) – 23 kms
Gorumara forests – 43 kms
Jaldapara forest – 100 kms
Buxa forest – 120 kms

Neora Valley National Park

The South West end of the famous National Park is about just 5 / 6 kms North of the village. The National Park is famous for its virgin forest and variety of wildlife including Red Panda.

Dalim Fort

The ruins of Dalim fort can be reached easily from Gorubathan. The fort is about 30 minutes uphill drive from the market area. To see the ruins one has to walk a couple of kms from the road end. The vehicle takes you to the hill top above Gorubathan. From here although you wont be able to see the fort, the surrounding view is enough to make up for it. The hilltop with its valley is called Dalim Tar (meaning valley) and the hill is called Dalim kot. The Fort was originally built by the Lepcha kings who were the original inhabitants of the land. Later Bhutanese king took over the area including the fort. One base of the Bhutanese army was at Dumsong near Algarah and the other base was at Dalim. During 1865 Ango Bhutan war, Dalim fort played a critical role and a strong resistance against the British forces was created. Eventually after considerable loss of life, the Bhutanese army backtracked and the fort was taken over by British and Indian army. Since then the Dalim has been abandoned and today it lies in ruins.

The importance of Dalim in the history of the area can be easily seen from the fact that after the Sinchula Treaty with Bhutan of 1865 as the Kalimpong area was annexed to Western Dooars as a sub-division, it was called Dalim. Only in 1916 the area came under Darjeeling district and named Kalimpong Sub division.

Fagu Tea Garden

Gorubathan is surrounded by a number of tea gardens. Fagu is one of the better ones and located about a km away from the market. There is tourist accommodation available at the Tea garden. The British era bungalow with its antique furniture makes the garden and attractive destination.


It is a small village a few kms ahead of Gorubathan. The beautiful valley attracts picnickers during the winter months and tourists throughout the year.

Map of Gorubathan

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