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Hailakandi is one of the rapidly striding districts in the Barak Valley Region of Assam. Hailakandi is both a district and a town situated in the southernmost nook of Assam. A treasure trove of religious and cultural tourism, Hailakandi is impregnated in picturesque grandeur of the landscape in the nub of an expansive cropland and the river that flows in meanders.

The town of Hailakandi is mainly regarded as the agricultural metropolis of the District. The 'Kuki' tribe being the first to inhabit this place, 'Hailakandi' acquires its designation from Kuki words such as 'Halam' denoting a small state, and 'Kundia' denoting a small area intended for short-term ploughing, and that was how 'Hailakandi' name was formed. The major dialect of the town is Bengali, utilizing a local language, which has little similitude to Sylheti dialect.

In regard to  the indigenous Kuki settlements a century ago in the Hailakandi, the Kuki festivities that are autochthonous to this region are the Chavang Kut; Mim Kut; Sikpuiruoi; Lawm Se'l Neh; Sa-Ai; Hun; Chawn le Han; Chaang-Ai and Ka'ng ka'p , along with the Kom Cultural Dance and Vaiphei Cultural Dance. As a result of the substantial Muslim and Bengali populace in Hailakandi District, the Muslim festivals prevailing in this area include Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr as well as Bengali festivals such as Durga Puja, Kali Puja, and Dussehra. 

The town is not extremely thronged, and can fulfill itself as the quintessential basis for the folks who are keen to explore a sparsely inhabited area that has copious natural allurement. Nearly 50% of the area is engulfed with dense forests which are basically not traversed, so the visitors can make a tour through them in the course of their stay in Hailakandi. Visitors therefore view this place as the one to repose and de-stress oneself. Hailakandi is a quintessential location for agriculture, horticulture, forest as well as for tea tourism. It is a fabulous place for paying a visit for those in quest to discern tea gardens, fruit orchards and forests. There is an enormous possibility for hiking in this region owing to the prolonged stretches of the tea gardens and forests. About is River Barak situated about 25kms northern of Hailakandi is also a favourable spot for boat rides and picnics. Shopping is the joie de vivre in the region for the tourists who get a chance to buy the beauteous handicrafts made up of bamboo and cane, the wooden masks and carvings, as well as varicoloured handlooms. One can even buy the excellent quality tea leaves that are reasonably priced in the town.

The foremost appeal of Hailakandi is its natural pulchritude and tranquil way of living of the folks. One can pay a visit to the innumerable tea gardens and forests enwreathing the town. The Hailakandi District included two major forest reserves, viz. the inner line reserve forest and Katakhal reserve forest. These were formerly rich in wildlife but at present dissipating because of the onslaught of the humans. Infrequent species noticed here are Phayre's langur, Pig-tailed macaques, White-Winged Duck or White-winged Wood Duck, Hoolock gibbons, Pale Capped Pigeon or Purple Wood Pigeon, etc. The southern part was also advocated as the Dhaleswari wildlife sanctuary.


There are two main devout cynosures in the area that entices the pilgrims across the country. One is the Siddyashar Bari Sibmandir, and the other is Pach Pirr Mukan.

Siddyashar Bari Sibmandir

Siddyashar Bari Sibmandir is located in the Hailakandi District, in the Badarpur Ghat region, is a renowned temple dedicated to Siddyashar Bari. It is an eminently well-liked tourist destination in the area.

Pach Pirr Mukan

Pach Pirr Mukan is another eminently significant destination that one must explore during the trip to Hailakandi. It is situated on the southern side of Hailakandi adjacent to a river and an immense tract of cropland. 

How to reach

Hailakandi is properly linked by roadways, railways and airways to the different parts of the country. Hailakandi is situated at a yonder of 330 kilometers from Guwahati. Hailakandi is linked through meter gauge rail nexus with Lumding in Assam, and Agartala in Tripura via the Katakhal Railway Station. The nearby airport Kumbhirgram is at 50kms drive.

Map of Hailakandi

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