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Havelock Island

It is a perfect island, the best tourist spot that one can imagine. One has to book a ship preferably a ‘Makruzz’ which is a privately run luxury catamaran. The journey to these island is of one and half hours. There are numerous resorts facing the beach which oozes a certain beauty and calmness which is magically comforting. But undoubtedly the beach which stands out is the Radhanagar beach. It is simply breathtaking. One can catch the splendid view of the water changing its colour from light blue to greenish blue with the change in the direction of the sun. While the faraway vastness of the water and the abounding lush green at the extreme ends of the sea are simply breathtaking, equally mesmerizing are the tiny white creatures that make concentric patterns all over the white sand. Actually these are the handiwork of tiny crabs that make these balls of sand with their legs in search of food. Havelock is not sufficient for a one day stay. One needs to stay atleast for two days to enjoy the beauty of the islands. Visiting the Elephanta beach and making a trip to Neil Island should also be part of the itinerary.

Map of Havelock

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