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Jayanti is the name of a river passing through the Buxa Tiger Reserve in Eastern Dooars. The hills on the Eastern Side of the river and the small village on the western side are also named after the river as Jayanti Hills and Jayanti village respectively.

Jayanti village is one of the oldest towns in the region. In pre-independence India, the Dolomite mines of nearby Bhutan hills used to bring dolomite to Jayanti from where trains used to take it to other parts of the country. As the forest became reserved for the wildlife and nature took priority of economy, the railway stopped its operations and Jayanti slowly became a large village deep inside Buxa forest. Today the past glory of a burgeoning town is totally amiss from Jayanti. Instead what you see is a decaying village within a vibrant ecology. The nature has thrived here, the forest is green and the wildlife is aplenty. Although in the deep jungle sighting is not very common.

The wide stretch of Jayanti riverbed is the primary attraction for tourists here. If you intend to visit Jayanti just as a hop off destination, you would spend the time probably on the banks of the river.

Encircled by forested hills overlooking the river a beautiful rest house of the forest department provides accommodation for the tourist. There are several basic homestays and small tourist lodges in the area.

Location : Inside Buxa Tiger Reserve, on the banks of Jayanti River. 
Language : Nepali, Bengali, Hindi
People : Mixed population comprising of Bengali, Nepali, Rajbansis and Adivasis.
Nearest City : Alipurduar about 30 kms away
Nearest Town : Rajabhatkhawa about 15 kms away
Rail head : Alipurduar Junction is the major railhead (30 kms). Rajabhatkhawa rail station is about 15 kilometres away. Here you can get some local passenger trains.
Airport : Bagdogra is the nearest airport
Best Season :
 Throughout the year, Safari is not held during the Monsoon months between 15th June and 15th September

Getting There

If you are travelling by train, you should get down at Alipurduar Junction from where Rajabhatkhawa is about 15 kms away. Most tourists combine visit to Jayanti with tour to other parts of Dooars in which case, travelling to New Jalpaiguri may be a better option. At Rajabhatkhawa there is a forest check post where all visitors must make an entry after paying prescribed fees. From Rajabhatkhawa the road moves through forests. About 8 kms ahead you will reach a bisection of roads. The road to the left leading to Buxa fort and Santalabari and the road to the right will take you to Jayanti 7 kilometres ahead.

Tourist Attractions

Jayanti is within the core area of the Tiger Reserve and as a result the tourism activity is also restricted. Previously visit inside the forest and small treks were allowed, but depending upon the present rules, forest visit may be limited. Visiting the Jayanti river bed is a must. The riverbed has been the location for several popular films. Remnants of a railway bridge lies in the riverbed almost submerged. The Rail route was created by the British in the pre independence era and the bridge was washed away during the floods of 1993.

Treks to Pukhuri hills is a good experience but depends on the whims of the present forest officials. Jeep safari inside the forest is also irregular depending on forest directives.

Buxa fort is a 3 kilometre trek originating at Santarabari about 15 kms from Jayanti. The fort is famous as it housed several heros of the independence struggle of India.

Rajabhatkhawa can also be visited from Jayanti, the Nature Interpretation centre at Rajabhatkhawa offers a glimpse of the flora and fauna inside the forest.

Map of Jayanti

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