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From ancient times hills and mountains has always been a preferred destination for thousands of great thinkers, spiritual practitioners and meditators. Following this trajectory every year thousands of tourists visit hills and mountains capped destinations. People spirited by adventure tours like trekking, mountaineering are the common visitors here. A visit to Karbi-Anglong serves not only as a tourist destination but it also has an important place in history.

During the pre-British period the territory of the coeval district was a part of the famous Dimasa kingdom till the collapse of Sengya Tularam Hasnu in AD 1854. It was during his time that Diphu- which denotes white river in Dimasa, the current headquarter of the district, became an extrusive town. After the death of Tularam, the territory went under the control of British Administration. Karbi-Anglong was earlier known as Mikhir Hillsand this change of name took place on 14th October 1976.


The Karbi Anglong district is situated in the central part of Assam, edged by Golaghat district in the east, Meghalaya and Morigaon district in the West, Golaghat district and Nagaon district in the north, North Cachar hills and Nagaland on south. Karbi-Anglong has dense tropical forest covered hills, picturesque and flat plains which reflect a soothing scenario. 

This hill zone experiences different climatic conditions in different parts. The winter inaugurates itself from October and sustains till February. During summer the atmosphere inclines into muggy. The temperature fluctuates from 6°C to 12°C in winter to 23°C to 32°C in summer. The moderate rainfall here is measured about 2416 mm.

Getting There


The nearest airport to karbi-anglong is Dimapur airport which is 40 km away from karbi-anglong city centre.


The nearest railway station is Dimapur station junction which is 37 km away from Karbi-anglong city centre. Dimapur is well connected with the rest of the country with more than a dozen trains reaching here.


The district is about 270 kms from Guwahati through the highway 1.

Places Of Interest


It is a small but very engrossed and zealous hamlet. In the centre of the town there is a great statuette of RONGPHARPI RONGBE and her comrades- a great sculpture rejuvenated in the hand of its sculptor. It has canonized a magnified page of karbi history.


It is in the heart of Diphu, the headquarters of Karbi cultural society which attracts the cultural loved people towards it. The karbi youth festival is celebrated here every year and becomes a cultural crusade which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is 7 km away from Diphu along Lumding road which is under administration of Forest West division. The patio is rich in many valuable trees, herbs and orchards.

Recreation Parks

Are positioned on the Diphu-Manja road. It is a very pulchritudinous garden set up by the forest department. The parks are full of natural terrain, valuable trees and herbs which captivates many people. There is also boating facility in a lake. Other attractive public gardens are:- Khorsing Ingti Children Park, Semsongsing Ingti Memorial Park & Gandhi Park


It is a favored picnic spot located 37 kms from Diphu. The spot is surrounded by rain forests. A very attractive nature built stone bridge is also located here which pulls the nature lovers towards it.


65km away from Diphu a divine torrent of water flows down from the high hill and a Great Shiva temple is located right in front of it. Within lovely circumambient and picturesque backgrounds Akashiganga is a cyclopean waterfall close to the town of Dabaka. Akashiganga is also seen as a holy place associated with the Shakti cult in the Kalika Puran. Pilgrims horde to take a holy dip in a water-pool formed nearby the hills where several temples and their ruins at the bottom are of great archeological importance.


It is a very tempting place in Hamren which is situated on a hill surrounded bungalow built on the banks of Amreng stream. Along with Amreng, Dikrut is a place with another waterfall located into the chest of the mountain which yields beautiful scenario.

Trekking To Singhason

Singhason is the highest peak in the district (1600 meters) which stretches through revere rain forest and rocky hills providing a great picturesque.  While trudging, one can view the multitudinous variety and species of birds and animals that are available in the area which includes the pygmy hog, barking deer etc. A air-strip of the second world war on top of the hill provides as a site for camp and further exploration and expedition in this area. A great view of the Brahmaputra valley can be seen from the top of the hill and also the snow clad ranges of the Himalayas can be viewed.

Khanduli Tourist Centre

Positioned in the Hamren sub-division provides extensive temperate grassland with undulant etch look like sand dunes in a desert in clear moon-light. This location is best for study trip, family holidays and honeymoon.

Map of Karbi Anglong

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