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Vimnala near LegshipLegship - West Sikkim

Legship is the gateway to west Sikkim. It is located on the main road connecting Gezing and Pelling with the rest of the state, on the banks of river Rangit. From Legship the road moves up towards Pelling. There is a small market here from where regular taxis are available to most other destinations in south and west Sikkim.

Legship is also the spot for a large hydro-electric dam. The large lake formed by the dam is also the spot where locals visit for day outing or picnick. The place is known as Rangit Water World and rafting facility is available here. The local people played an important role in developing and promoting this spot as a tourist destination.

There is also a large temple complex on the bank of the Rangit river. Locals from Legship as well as villagers from neighbouring places visit this temple. The main temple is known as Kirateshwar Mahadev Mandir.

According to local mythology, the spot where the temple is constructed is actually the location where Arjuna of Mahabharata meditated. Satisfied with the devotion of his follower, Lord Shiva appeared in front of Arjuna disguised as a hunter (Kirat). The name of the Kirateswar temple is thus derived.

There are other temples in the complex of other gods and goddesses such as Rama and Durga. Throughout the year several festivals are held in the temple complex. The most important among them is the Bala Chaturdesi festival held in the month of November or December.

Other places of tourist interest around Legship include a hot spring nearby and a herbal and medicinal plants park created by NHPC near the dam site.

Legship is mostly visited by tourists on their way to Pelling. There is no decent accommodation here. Legship can also be visited from Tashiding or Rinchenpong / Kaluk area.

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