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Tawang Monastery

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Monpa Lady of Arunachal

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Madhuri Lake

Namdapha, famous for its biodiversity hotspot, is a National Park that falls under the Changlang district of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh.

Located between the Dapha bum range and the mishmi hills, the Namdapha National Park extends over an area of 1985 square km, and is the third largest national park in India. It covers a wide range of altitude from 200 mtrs to 4500 mtrs, and this endows the growth of over 500 plant species in accordance with the varying weather throughout the stretch of the forest. Namdapha was declared a Tiger Reserve in the year 1983. It gives a fantastic view of the canopied forest running over the hills. This national park also supports the living of tigers and other wild animals.

A perfect place for botanists, zoologists, photographers, and wildlife lovers, Namdapha have ample in store for the visitor. With over 150 timber species and endangered orchids like 'Blue Vanda', the forest is endowed with  Pinus merkusi and Abies delavavi, and many more such species. The local medicinal plant, commonly known as 'mishmi teeta' or 'copti teeta' also grows here, in abundance, though exporting the plant is restricted by the government.

Namdapha is also recognised for the fact that it has the only national park namely, Namdapha National Park, in the world to inhabits all the four species of the big cat family, namely Tiger- Panther tigris, Leopard- Panthera pardus, snow-leopard- Panthera uncia, Clouded leopard- Neofelis nebulosa and many more ancillary cats. The park also fosters other breeds like Assamese macaque, pig-tailed macaque,mithun or gaur, elephant, Himalayan black bear, the wild goat, etc. Species of colourful birds like the endangered white-winged duck, hornbills, pheasants flop pave their noisy way through the park.

Apart from this, Namdapha as a place presents a heavenly scenario of the green mountains midst the clouds and the far small villages with its hospitable natives. The geography of Namdapha is notable due to the presence of green forests, deep river valleys on one side and the sky touching hills on the other harbouring a large mass of plants and animals.

Map of Namdapha

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