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North Sikkim

High pastures, wild orchids, frozen lakes, ancient monasteries, sacred prayer flags, some of the highest mountains of the world and exotic animals like red panda and snow leopard……… North Sikkim is a land of pure magic.

Our tours take you to the magical, remote and wild areas of the highest district of Sikkim. To the high alpine meadow and enchanting flower valleys of Yumthang (12800 ft), to Yumesamdong, the strategic snow-bound pass at 14200 ft on India-China border, Gurudongmar, the frozen lake 17000 ft before Tibetan border, to Lachen and Lachung, the land of nomadic Tibeto - Bhutia people and their yaks. As a delightful extra, a tour to this area includes a visit to the famous Chopta Valley at 13500 ft, a land of frozen rivers.

North Sikkim is one of the four districts of Sikkim which represents the four directions. It is by far the largest district of Sikkim covering 4226 square kilometre, the remaining three districts together comes to just 2870 square kilometre. It is the least populous district of Sikkim with just 43000 people leaving there as per 2011 census. The population density of the district is just 10 per square kilometre. Teesta river, the lifeline of Sikkim, originates in the Northern part of North Sikkim and criss-crosses the district.

Tours to North Sikkim

The most common tours of North Sikkim cover Lachung with Yumthang valley. In these tours, you start from Gangtok and return there after a 2 or 3 day tour. Suggested tours of 4 Days (Gangtok 2 nights, Lachung 1 night), 5 Days (Gangtok 2 nights, Lachung 2 nights)

The second most popular tourist destination is Lachen with Gurudongmar lake. This is a 3 to 4 day tour from Gangtok. Suggested tour program of 5 days (Gangtok 2 nights, Lachen 2 nights)

Most tourists prefer to combine the visit to Yumthang and Gurudongmar lake. This is a 3 to 5 day tour from Gangtok. Suggested program of 5 days (Gangtok 2 nights, Lachen 1 night, Lachung 1 night)

Alternatively you may also consider visiting other less explored destinations of North Sikkim including district capital Mangan and the Dzongu area

Mountain Peaks of North Sikkim

Most of western part of the district is high altitude mountain including some of the highest peaks of the world. Kanchenjunga (28208 feet), the 3rd highest peak in the world is on the western side of the district bordering with Nepal. Other major peaks in the area include Mount Kabru (24215 feet), Mount Talung (24200 feet), Mount Siniolchu (22600 feet), Mt. Simvo, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Rathong and others.

Most tourists visiting North Sikkim, either choose to visit Yumthang valley or a combination of Gurudongmar lake and Yumthang valley. For a tour of Yumthang valley you will be based in Lachung and it will take you 2 to 3 days from Gangtok. To combine Gurudongmar lake in this tour, you need to add one more day to the tour.

Yumthang Valley - The most popular tourist destinations of North Sikkim is Yumthang valley. For Yumthang valley tour you have to stay overnight at Lachung and visit the valley as part of a day trip. more

Gurudongmar Lake – This is a lake situated more than 17000 feet above sea level and close to the Tibet boarder. For a tour to Gurudongmar you have to stay overnight at Lachen village. more

Mangan - From Gangtok as you travel to North Sikkim, you will first reach Mangan, the District headquarters and the largest town. You will also travel through Mangan to reach Dzongu, the other important tourist area of North Sikkim. Mangan itself has grown in tourism potential in recent years with its peaceful environment and great mountain views. more

Dzongu area - Apart from Lachen and Lachung, Dzongu area has so become popular among travellers. Here you can see the culture and heritage of the Lepcha people who are the original inhabitants of the land. more

Chungthang– Is a small town where the highway about 5 hours drive from Gangtok. From here the road bifurcates, the road to the left going to Lachen and then onwards to Gurudongmar Lake while the road on the right goes to Lachung and then to Yumthang valley and continues to Yumesamdong. more

Map of North Sikkim

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