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Rajabhatkhawa is a small village inside Buxa Tiger Reserve and is the entry point to the core area of forest. The village can be accessed from Alipurduar (12 kms).

Rajabhatkhawa can be reached without any special permit as it just outside the core area of Buxa Tiger Reserve. To visit further inside forest you have to register and pay entry fee at the forest check post here.

Our sustainable tourism initiative, Dreamalayas Rajabhatkhawa is also located here. The accommodation has come up as an ideal eco-tourism initiative with partnership between local stakeholders and tourism fraternity.

Things to See

The Jayanti riverbed is a common attraction for tourists coming to Buxa. The riverbed with Bhutan hills on the other side is very picturesque and is about 16 kms through forest road from Rajabhatkhawa. More information on Jayanti here

The Buxa fort trek can also be undertaken from here. The 4 km walk starts at Santalabari about 15 kms from Rajabhatkhawa. Check the page on Buxa Fort

Sikiajhora picnic spot near Panialguri is about half an hour drive from Rajabhatkhawa. There is a small stream coming out of the forest on which a small dam is built. The idea was to allow boating inside the forest. Although boating is not operational at the moment, the place can be a good spot for birding and soaking in nature. There is a watchtower overlooking the forest.

For more options about sightseeing and activity around Rajabhatkhawa visit the Buxa Tiger Reserve page

Dreamalaya Project

The Dreamalaya resort is located at Rajabhatkhawa which is a Resort created in collaboration with local stakeholders. The Dreamalaya website can be visited here.

Reaching Rajabhatkhawa


There are three roads that meet at Rajabhatkhawa. All the three roads pass through forests before reaching here.

The main road connecting Alipurduar with Rajabhatkhawa is the National Highway 12A. This road passes through Alipurduar Junction and crosses National Highway 31C at Jitpur, and continues through forest before reaching the village about 12 kms away. Regular passanger vehicles such as Vikram Autos ply from Alipur Station more to Rajabhatkhawa Bazar through this route.

The second route connects Rajabhatkhawa to Hasimara through Hamiltonganj and Kalchini. This road is the continuation of National Highway 12A. If you are traveling from Western Dooars or Bhutan, this is the road you will be following. The road is narrow and there are a number of villages on the way. But as there are less traffic in this road travel time is less. You have to cross a couple of rivers in this route including Kaljani and Dima. Due to lack of Bridges, this route used to be motorable only during fair weather. Now all the rivers have all weather bridges, and the route is open for vehicular traffic throughout the year. If you are travelling from Eastern Dooars, the Hasimara - Hamiltonganj - Kalchini - Rajabhatkhawa route is the shortest and fastest.

The third route connects Rajabhatkhawa to destinations deeper inside Buxa forest. There is a forest check post at the start of this route and you must take permission and ticket from the check post before entering the forest. About 8 kms inside the forest the road bifurcates at Santalabari crossing. The road on the right goes to Jayanti and the road to your left taking you to Santalabari from where you have to trek to Buxa fort.


There is a rail station at Rajabhatkhawa where passenger trains stop during the day. The major rail station in the area is at Alipurduar Junction (12 kms) and New Jalpaiguri (180 kms).


Bagdogra is the nearest major airport at a distance of about 190 kms and takes about 4 hours by road to reach.

Map of Rajabhatkhawa

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