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Rangat falls under the Port Blair – Rangat - Maya Bandar - Diglipur tourist circuit. It is located in the middle of Middle Andaman district of Andaman Archipelago (close to Long Island). The whole town spreads on both sides of Great Andaman Trunk Road. Rangat is 210 kilometers north of Port Blair and 70 kilometers south of Maya Bundar. It can be reached both by road and sea. There are some beautiful tourist sites around Rangat including waterfalls, beaches and hills. Cutbert Bay Beach, Amkunj Beach and Panchavati Hills are some important attractions in Rangat. The population mainly comprises of Tamils and Bengalis. Fishery and agriculture is the main occupation of people residing this place. The whole area of Rangat town is surrounded by dense forests.

To See

Cuthbert Bay Beach

Cuthbert Bay Beach is a sandy beach 12 kilometers from Rangat Bazaar. It is bordered with dense canopy of tropical forests in the beach side. This tropical forest offers elephant safaris to the visitor. Water surrounding the beach is fitted for scuba-diving, snorkeling and swimming. Cutbert Bay Beach is a turtle nesting ground. There is a turtle sanctuary nearby.

Amkunj Bay Beach

Amkunj Bay Beach is another sandy beach on the way to Cuthbert Bay Beach. It is 8 kilometers from Rangat town. The beach is clean, well maintained and eco-friendly. There is a marvelous beach park in Amkunj which has natural freshwater stream, eco-friendly huts, exquisite log sofas, trunk benches and swings. Amkunj is ideal for snorkeling, bird-watching, sun-bathing and educational tours.

Moorys Dare

It is mountainous are that can be visited for trekking.

Panchavati Hills

A small hill with some exotic waterfalls. The rich biosphere also adds to the beauty.

Long Island

It lies southeast of Rangat town. One can hire boat from Yerratta Jetty of Rangat to reach Long Island. The journey takes about one and half hours. Long Island can also be accessed through ferries from Port Blair and Havelock. The Island has a beautiful beach named Lalaji Bay Beach. This beach is located in the west coast of Long Island therefore a dunghi ride from one side of Long Island to other is required to reach the beach. The beach is sandy, clean and less populated. The water around is frequented by dolphins. There is no facility for overnight stay in here.

Merk Bay Beach

North Passage Island is located extreme south of Long Island. It’s largely uninhabited and extremely beautiful. North passage Island has a remarkable beach named Merk Bay Beach. This beach is one of the best beaches of Andaman. The water is shallow and ideal for snorkeling. Tropical forests and mangrove creeks of North Passage Island are another inviting factor.

Getting There

Regular ferries run from Port Blair to Rangat. You may also reach Rangat via Baratang through the Great Andaman Highway via Baratang.

Map of Rangat

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