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Ross Island


Ross Island is a small uninhabited island northeast of the capital city of Port Blair. Ross Island was inhabited by British as early as 1789. Indian convicts constructed houses, barracks, bungalows and other buildings for the convenience of the British officials in 1857. Consequently the island was turned into the administrative base of Penal settlement and prison headquarters. It remained under the rule of Britishers till 1942 after which it was captured by the Japanese troops. During the occupation of Japan, Ross Island experienced a terrifying earthquake which resulted in the migration of the inhabitants to neighboring islands. Ross Island was destined to be eternally abandoned since then. Japanese influence was moderated by the changing political events of world.

Therefore, the island again came under the control of British. The British never came back to the island and all the beauty and demeanor of the prosperous city was lost to the overbearing influence of Mother Nature. Presently, the island is under the control of Indian Navy. No settlement is allowed here by the authorities. Visitors and tourists are allowed to visit the historical ruins of the island.

Attractions of Ross Island

History has decorated Ross Island with many precious jewels which look gripping under the impact of Mother Nature. The buildings and Victorian structures are now in dilapidated condition. Most of the buildings are engulfed by the roots of trees. They seem to be claiming the land.

Ross Island is heavily forested. It has historical ruins of buildings such as the Officers Quarters, Victorian Church, Japanese Bunkers, Chief Commissioner’s House, Hospital, Ballrooms and Barracks. Ross Island is also the home of wild peacocks, ducks and Deer. The Deer here are quite friendly and easily come close to human.

There is also a small beach on the other side of the Island which can be visited by traversing the hill. The beach is visited by only a few tourists as it requires a hike to reach there. But the beach with its canopy of tree offers one of the best views.

Getting There

Ferries are available from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex of Port Blair (South Andaman) to Ross Island. It takes 20 minutes to reach Ross Island which is about 2 kms from the Sports Complex jetty.

Map of Ross Island

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