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Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in Sikkim. It is situated in the famous Yumthang Valley in North Sikkim. The sanctuary is bordered with high rugged Chuba-Sagochen mountain ranges on the east and Chomzomei Tso extending upto Lava pass on the west. The picturesque Yumthang Chu (river) flows through the wide valley offering a breathtaking landscape. Lachung is the last frontier village before reaching the sanctuary.

Getting There:

A visit to the Rhododendron Sanctuary can easily be combined with a trip to Yumthang valley and Katao in North Sikkim. You must spend one night at Gangtok and another night at Lachung before reaching here. The sanctuary can be reached by a 7 hrs journey from Gangtok. The road condition is not ideal, but the difficult terrain and long travel is well rewarded with the great views of Rhododendrons in the Sanctuary. The flowers are in full bloom during early summer months of March and April.

Landscape and Attraction:

Covering an area of 43 sq kms the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is well known for verities of Rhododendrons. The Yumthang Valley known for its breadth taking landscape with the picturesque Yumthang Chu (river) flows through it. Several hot springs, alpine meadows, lush green forested hills with flowering bushes and high snow peaks are the main tourism attractions here. The entire valley is cris-crossed with several small glacial streams. The sanctuary is known for its unique abundance of Rhododendron trees and bushes. Almost 40 species of rhododendron are recorded from here alone. Apart from Rhododendron the sanctuary is also rich with a diverse species of primulas, potentillas, gentians, saxifrages and poppies. The April and May sees the entire valley flourishing with a riot of Colour with blooming of these flowers.


Shingba Sanctuary is also famous for a large faunal variation. The Serow, Goral, Blood Pheasant, Common Hill Partridge can be named among the many found in the region. The beautiful and highly endangered Spotted Linsang or Tiger-Civet has been reported from here. Brown Trout, an exotic fish specie, was introduced in Yumthang Chu in 1978 and have been flourishing since then.


There is no tourist accommodation in the sanctuary. Tourist visiting the region can stay at private hotels at Lachung, which is 24kms before the sanctuary.


Having a close proximity with Tibetan Plateau the entire valley witness a long winter. The coldest month is January and the chilling temperature continues from early November to end February. The entire valley receives heavy snowfall during this period, which is also a major attraction for the tourists. The wettest months are August and September. The valley becomes almost inaccessible due to heavy rain. The best time to explore the region is from November to mid June.

Map of Shingba

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