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Tashiyangtse - (1,700m/5,580ft)

This is the district town of Tashiyangtse District. A beautiful river passes by the town and a walk along the riverside is a great experience for the visitor. The town itself is famous for its wooden items.

Places to see in Tashiyangtse:
Chorten Kora : This Stupa is situated in the lower riverbank of Tashiyangtse. This is one of the two temples of Bhutan that are made in Nepalese style. Lama Ngwang Loday built this white stupa in 1740. 'Kora' means the yearly celebration which takes place in the second month of the Lunar Calendar. This Stupa has four eyes depicted in each side following the structure of the Swayambhu temple of Kathmandu in Nepal.

Bomdeling : This place is famous for the black necked cranes. The migratory birds visit here every year. The cranes leave Bhutan during the winter months to come to India for warmer climate.

Institute for Zorig Chusum : This institute showcases the ancient art crafts of Bhutan. Here students can study the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan.

Map of Tashiyangtse

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