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Most tourists pass through Tezpur on their way to the famous Arunachal Pradesh circuit of Tawang – Bomdila, though the town has a lot to offer for visitors. Tezpur is one of those cities of India which carries the weight of culture more than religion although religion is responsible for its existence. The ruins symbolizes that every sculpture and building seems to be reminding the love story of Usha and Aniruddha and the bloody war between Baanasur and Lord Krishna. Bamuni Hills, Agnigarh Hills and Mahabhairav Temple are some relics of this legend.

Tezpur is also the house of one of the oldest monuments of Assam, Da-Parbatia. It lies on the outskirts of the city. Archeologists believe that it is the oldest Hindu temple of Assam, dating back to 4th century. Tezpur is not a disappointment for nature lovers either. Nameri National Park and Orang Wildlife Sanctuary are close to Tezpur. Tezpur has some exotic tea estates as the economy of the city is dependent on tea manufacturing. The lush green gardens will refresh your mind and is a must visit in the list of Tezpur destinations.

Tezpur is located in Sonitpur district of Assam. It is a large town on the northern banks of Brahmaputra.

Legend Behind The Name

There are many cities in Assam carrying the footprints of past. These places have been in our mythology because of important events that happened here. Tezpur means ‘blood city’ in Sanskrit but what is the purpose of such a name for a city? The meaning can be traced in Hindu mythology. According to Hindu legend, Lord Krishna’s grandson Aniruddha and Baanasur’s daughter Usha fell in love with each other. However, Baanasur disapproved of his daughter’s relation. The ardent lovers managed to tie knot in secrecy but when Baanasur came to know about the marriage, he took Aniruddha as his prisoner. Angered by this, Lord Krishna waged a war against him and restored the lovers from captivity. This was attained with great bloodshed in the battle. There was so much bloodshed that the soil is said to become red. This gave the land its name Tezpur.

Tezpur can be visited all year round. It experiences mild summer between March to June. It is drenched with rain during monsoon while winters are pleasant.

Getting There


Nearest airport is Tezpur Airport about 5 kilometers from the main town. It is also called Salonibari Airport. The name given after the village in which it is located.

By Road

Tezpur is about 175 kms from Guwahati and takes between 4 to 5 hours by road to reach. The Arunachal Boarder of Bhalukpong is about 55 kms from here

Agnigarh Hills

This is the legendary hill where king Baanasur kept his daughter Usha captive. He surrounded the hillock with fire to contain her in the fortress. Agnigarh hill provides trekking options to the tourists. A circular stairway leads to the peak. Tourists are attracted to this place for its beautiful garden with exquisite sculptures and a waterfall. It also gives a panoramic view of Brahmaputra River.

Bamuni Hills

Bamuni Hills lie 4 kilometers east of Tezpur town. This place is believed to be the same site where Aniruddha was held captive by Baanasur. Hence it is also called Usha Pahar. Temple ruins are dispersed all over the hilltop. The ruins indicate that the temple was devoted to Lord Vishnu. It is exceptional for its sculptural finnese and refinement, one of the remaining evidence of its dexterity is a cross shaped bracket lintel decorated with horned Kirtimukha panels comprising the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The ruins are believed to date back later than 9th and 10th century.

Da- Parbatia (Excursions)

A few kilometers west of Tezpur lies the ruins of an ancient Hindu temple of 4th century. The door frame of this temple has survived the ravages of time and still stands upright to give a peep to the architectural designs of past. It exhibits the figure of Ganga and Yamuna on the Jambs of the door frame. Da-Parbatia is the oldest example of sculptural art in Assam. The site is under the maintenance of Archeological Survey of India.   

Padam Pukhuri

Padam Pukhuri is a lake with an island in Tezpur. The island acts as an amusement park. The main attraction of this island is a musical fountain and toy train ride. It is connected to the mainland through an iron bridge. Paddling and Rowing are two water sports available here.

Hazara Pukhuri

Hazara Pukhuri is the third largest tank of Assam covering a total area of 70 acres. The tank was excavated in 19th century. It is named after Hazara Varaman of Tezpur.

Kolia Bhomora Bridge

Kolia Bhomora Bridge situated in Bhomoraguri has managed to win the heart of tourists and transformed itself to a tourist site. So what makes it exotic at the eyes of visitors? Kolia Bhomora Bridge is the longest bridge of Northeast connecting Sonitpur and Nagaon districts of Assam. It is a bridge of approximately 3 kilometers built over Brahmaputra River. But the feature which makes it distinct from other bridges of Assam is the majestic structure and picturesque landscape at the backdrop. Brahmaputra being a huge river spreads like a carpet of glass under the bridge. The surrounding rocky landscape has complimented the beauty of the bridge. The construction of the bridge was started in 1981 and completed in 1987.It is named after the Ahom General Kalia Bhomora Phukan. Kolia Bhomora Bridge looks marvelous at night.

Mahabhairav Temple

Aligning to the legend of Banasur, Mahabhairav Temple was Shiva Temple constructed by Banasur ,a big devotee of Lord Shiva. Initially, it was a stone temple which was renovated with concrete to the present structure. The Shiva Linga of the temple is the one of the largest and oldest linga of the world. During Ahom rule, the kings of Tungkhungiya dynasty paid special interest to the temple and provided the pujaris of the temple with land and other conveniences for the maintenance of the temple. Every year large number of devotees assemble to this holy site to pay homage to the massive linga. The crowd seems to be overbearing during the festival of Shivaratri .

Chitralekha Udyan or Cole Park

Chitralekha Udyan is beautiful park constructed on a picturesque location juxtaposing lakes, hillocks and terrain. It was built by Mr.Cole, Commissioner of Assam during British Rule and renovated by Mr. M.G.V.K Bhanu, Deputy Commissioner of Tezpur in 1996.

The park encompasses a small lake (with the facilities of paddling and rowing), restaurant, open air stage, two massive stone pillars and sculptural remains of Bamuni Hills.

Map of Tezpur

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