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Viper Island

Viper Island is a small island 8 kilometers north east of the capital city of Port Blair which is predominantly known for the notorious jail where British tortured Indian freedom fighters for their national movement activities. The jail was constructed in this island after British set up a penal settlement in Port Blair. The inhuman treatment of the prisoners won it a bad name in the history of freedom struggle. Many popular freedom fighters spend their last days of life in the same jail away from the knowledge of their family members. The jail was closed after the construction of Andaman Cellular Jail. One can find the gallows at the top of a hillock in the island which was built to hang prisoners. Viper Island has derived its creepy name from two hypothetical stories. First, after the name of a vessel called ‘Viper’, carrying Lt. Archibald Blair, which met with an accident. The wreckage of this ship can be seen in the island. Second because of the presence of large concentration of viper snakes in the island. Presently, Viper Island is a tourist destination of Andaman. It is visited for its melancholy history and eternal silence of the dead convicts. Viper jail is always in the discourse of Andaman history. Tourists come here to get the feeling of this deceased land where many died for the cause of their country. Viper Island is also known for its scenic beauty and people come to the desolated island to enjoy a solitary picnic.

Getting There

Viper Island can be accessed through the boats available from Port Blair. It takes about one and half hour to reach this place through boats and 15 minutes stay to view the whole island.

Map of Viper Island

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