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Tawang Monastery

Tawang Monastery

Monpa Lady of Arunachal

Monpa Lady of Arunachal

Madhuri Lake

Madhuri Lake

Ziro is one of the oldest towns of Arunachal and is the headquarter to the lower Subansiri district. The average elevation of the town ranging from 1688 mtrs (5538ft) to 2438 mtrs (8000ft) above the mean sea level. The climate varies according to season. Ziro is suitable for travel throughout hte year.due to its soothing and pleasant weather.

How to reach

The nearest town to Ziro with a railway station is Tezpur (Assam) which is connected to Ziro by road, and is about 279kms. The nearest major town to Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh is Itanagar which is 147kms away, which takes 2hrs and 50mints roughly, by road.

People and Cultural Events

Ziro is home of the Apatani tribe. The Apatani people put on colourful traditional dresses and enthusiastically celebrate many festivals and cultural events. Some important festivals of the tribe include, ‘Myoko Fest’ that is celebrated in the month of March for the well being of the society. The natives sing traditional songs namely, ‘Bushi’ and ‘Ayu’ and make merry by drinking the local beer known as ‘oho`. In this festival, they sacrifice pigs. Another important festival of the natives is ‘Murung’, which is celebrated in the month of January for the well being of individuals and their relatives. The natives tend to sacrifice ‘mithun’ and cows and rally in a que chanting `ho-ho`. ‘Dree’ festival is celebrated as an agricultural festival in the month of July to call the ‘Dree’ God to ensure protection of the agricultural crops. The native consume local foods as momo, thukpa and they especially use ‘Topyo-salt’ whish is a special herbal salt that they make themselves and the salt is good for health too.

To see

Ziro Putu

It is a hillock also known as ‘Army putu’ as it was used by the army men in the 1960s to set up their base camp. It gives a fantastic view of the paddy fields below and other hills.

Talley Valley

It is a biological hotspot, a wildlife sanctuary basically, 32kms away from Ziro town. It has a variety of flora and fauna and a dense green forest.

Shiva Lingam

It is in the ‘Kardo forest’ area and the ‘Linga’ of God Shiva is about 25ft tall and 22ft wide. It is at a distance of 4kms from Hapoli town and it is in the recent past that the Shiva Linga has been discovered by the local people.

Bamboo Groove

It is a forest of the one stem bamboo or the ‘monopodial’ that is generally grown with pine.

Pine Groove

It is at a distance of 3kms from Ziro and gives a unique experience with its splendid beauty.

Dolo Mando

It is the legendary hillock of the two famous lovers of the place namely Dolo and Mando and is at a distance of 2kms.

District Industries Centre

It is 1km away from Ziro and is famous for hand made stuffs and many other traditional items. A perfect place to go and shop some local things.

Tarin Fish Farm

It is a fish farm, at a high altitude, about 3.5kms from Hapoli.

Dilopolyang –Maniipolyang

A twin hillock in the way to Talley Valley. It presents a beautiful scenario of the two hills and the grassland between.

Map of Ziro

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